I met her as many strangers before,
but felt strange knock down on my hearts door.
Welcomed her as undesired guest,
but never thought ! she will reach to my core.
Sudden questions aroused out of my mind,
If she is the one who join me to divine.
Shiny eyes like twinkling stars,
Lovely face as a blessing of mother nature,
Beautiful hairs as monsoon clouds creature,
A joyful pretty killer smile ,
Which could stop deadliest wars.
When she talks to me ,when she laughs with me,
My pain, my anger , disappears
Like there is nothing before like that.
I wonder if the moment will remain the same,
For the whole life till I remain.
With the passage of time I knew ,
A dream I imagined will never ever come true .
Later I decided to erase her memories,
But I can’t keep her out of my mind,
Because of her deep imprints on my HEART .
I tried to sleep , but when I close my eyes
I saw her smiling face,
I heard her voice,
I remember the moments I spent with her .
“It’s no one either, it’s you , only you,
And my UNFATHOMABLE love.”

Photo : Courtesy of Instagram
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